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Management Team


General Manager

I started my career here in Santa Paula back in 1999 washing cars for the service department. I have been through many transformations over the past 20 plus years, both personally and professionally, and I think it is what makes me most grateful for the opportunities that I have been given in the car business. When I am not at the dealership, you can find me on a trail hiking or mountain biking, at the gym or at home spending time with my French Bulldog Winston. I know that team work, positive work environment, strong work ethic and love for our customers, are what makes our team so successful.

Business Manager

Hi, my is Dora Novoa. Growing up, family was always important for me, and it still is today. I guess this is why it's pretty hard to find me on a Saturday night without my family. Whether it's my husband Art Barbequing some delicious carne asada in the back with all the family or just the two of us going for a drive up the coast or through the mountains enjoying the view, I always prefer to spend my days with family. I think that's why I like where I work so much, because it really is a second family here. We all care for each other. You know how sometimes if you order food and it ends up taking a while? That's my favorite kind of restaurant, the one where you go and you know its going to sharing stories and laughs with friends and family all night long.

Fixed Ops Director

My name is Bruce Tashjian. You give me three things, and I'm a happy guy: Golf, Motorcycles and Caribbean Vacations. In all seriousness, I know that just like me, you would rather be on a golf course so we try to give you the service and courtesy that you would expect from a 5-star resort. We do strive to make the process of getting your car serviced as pleasant as possible, and that goes a long way, I also train my staff to get your work done as quickly as possible so you can get back to practicing your short game.

Service Manager

Parts Manager

Public Relations Director

I rejoined Leo Bunnin, as his Public Relations Director when he bought the Santa Paula Dealership in October of 2019. Prior to that I oversaw Bunnin's community outreach from 2003 to 2012 for the Bunnin Automotive Group in Ventura County. Since teaming up with Leo recently, I have helped open our newest dealership, Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore in August of 2020 and assisted in the opening of Leo's Cafe that's located within the dealership there.


Hello my name is Winston. I like to eat shoelaces and treats. I like long walks on the beach. Or long walks anywhere. Okay, I'm off to take a nap.



Sales Manager

Hello I am Gabriel. My goal to help anyone and everyone get into a vehicle. I can help you with anything from a work truck to a economy car. Whatever you need, I will take care of you. I believe the best way to sell a car is to make someone so happy with their purchase that they will send their neighbors to come see me for their car. I specialize in fitting what you need and what you want into a deal that makes sense for you. If you need help with anything automotive, I am the one to see.

Sales Manager

My name is Izzy Vargas and I have been here at the Santa Paula Dealership for 19 years. I grew up right here in Ventura County and have loved it here ever since. On my days off you will find my by the pool with my family, or over in Palm Springs to play some golf. Here at the store, I have found success through customer satisfaction and the best way to sell a vehicle is to match a customers needs and wants to the perfect car in a transparent and easy manner... Give me one sec, my grand-daughter wants to facetime with me.

Finance Manager

Hello my name is Dionisio Corral, born and raised right here in Ventura County. I have been a Chevy Man helping people get into vehicles since 1993. Family comes first, and I know that is important for each and every one of my clients here at the dealership. At the end of the day, if I try to treat people as if they were in my backyard for my next BBQ, the rest is easy. Just don't ask me for the secret ingredient in my signature BBQ spice rub, not even my wife is allowed to know that.

Inventory Manager

Hello, my name is Buddy. I grew up in Ohio, but I found my way out here to California when I was 20. About 6 years later, I have found myself working at a fantastic organization. The reason is because the people here are great. I spend most of my free time with my wife and kids, whether its at the beach, hiking, or just staying in and watching the newest Netflix show. Life may be complicated these days, but working somewhere that prioritizes customer satisfaction is the answer. Really what it comes down to is that people here treat everyone as they want to be treated, so beyond that, everything just falls into place.

Used Car Manager

Hi, I'm Juan. If I am not working with the used cars, I'm probably playing soccer. At least a couple times a week I have to get together with the guys and kick a ball. My son may not even be a year old, but I am pretty sure he is going to know how to kick a ball before he starts to walk. For me, after being in Santa Paula for 13 years, all of my business comes from long term customers, and the secret to long term customers is to treat people right. Consider me for your next car because I strive to make the process so easy and straightforward that you will not only buy your next car with me, but also the one after that, and the one after that too.


Hello, my name is Christian, but you can also call me Chris. I have been working here in Santa Paula for 5 years, and what I have found is the best way to succeed is to build relationships with customers and focus on what is the best match for you and your life. I love to travel, so I love swapping with stories with people about where they have been. My last trip was to the Big Apple, so growing up in Santa Paula has made me realize how important it is to take care of our community. Helping you get to where you need to go in a car that makes you feel good is what I love most about this job.


My name is Darlene, or Darla for short. I grew up in Paramount, California, married my high school sweetheart and moved to Santa Paula 6 years ago. My first job is being a mom to my 8 year old son, Isaiah. I've had my second job here at the dealer in SP for 5 years. I love working in the Bunnin Family because, for me, the most important things in life are family and friends and that is definitely the focus here at the dealership. I always treat my customers how I want my family to be treated. GO DODGERS!


Hi, I'm Francisco Preciado, and I live right here in Santa Paula. As a salesperson, my main focus is always connecting customers to cars. Finding the vehicle they really want. When I'm not here at the dealership, you'll find me in the great outdoors. I love fishing, camping and hiking. Nothing beats the fresh air, so whether you need a 4x4 for getting away, or one of Chevy's cutting edge EVs to protect the fresh air, I am your guy.


Hi, my name is Miguel. If I'm being honest, I am a pretty easy to please guy. I would say that there are two things that I need to be happy. My family and fishing. And in that order, I promise. Especially with the events we are currently going through I have come to appreciate spending time with my kids more than ever. Pretty much, my perfect starts with a good catch and ends with sharing a meal with my kids. With this in mind, it really helps at work because all I have to do is try to figure out what is the best fit for you want your family. The rest is easy.

Alex Santa Rosa

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou 


Service Department

Assistant Manager

Hi my name is Rafael. I have been helping folks get their cars serviced for 20 years here in Santa Paula. Over the years, I have seen it all, from a simple oil change to a full engine rebuild. One thing remains the same, it doesn't matter if its your A to B commuter or your weekend racer, all cars have a driver. And that driver is a person, with friend and family, which are the two most important things for me. That's why I take every opportunity to spend time with mine. I love spending my free time at the beach, in the backyard or the park. It doesn't really matter where, as long as I am with my friends and family. That's what is important for everyone, so I always strive to make sure your trip through service is as straightforward and painless as possible, so you can get back to the beach, the backyard or the park. Back to spending your time with your friends and family.