Electric vehicles are remarkable. They're quick and quiet, with impressive acceleration, and they get the most advanced connectivity features. They are climate friendly. Over their lifetime, they cause far fewer harmful emissions than traditional cars and trucks.
When you make the switch to one of our electric vehicles, you get so much more than a new car. You get a fun and responsive all-electric vehicle that offers the perks of driving a Chevrolet along with less maintenance, more ways to "refuel" and innovative ways to make living electric easier than ever.
Without all of the usual engine upkeep - oil changes, transmission fluid flushes, engine belt replacements - you'll spend less time and money on maintenance. Plus, when compared to a new gas-powered vehicle of the same size, the EPA estimates that Bolt EV could save you as much as $5,000 in fuel costs over five years. But savings are just the beginning - the perks of living electric go on and on.